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Ulrica Hydman Vallien(1938-) Framed litography:The man
Ulrica Hydman Vallien(1938-) Framed litography:The man
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Gallery JT Ltd about us, about provenancesGallery JT Ltd about us, about provenances
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Gallery JT Ltd about us, about provenances Gallery JT Ltd about us, about provenances

GALLERY JT Ltd is a serious company that never have had any kind of reclaims from any customer in any context.
Gallery JT Ltd is a holding company with assets within the art market.
GALLERY JT Ltd sell, value and exhibit fine art in two shops:
1.This web site:
2. Promenaden 29 in the city Falun in Dalecarlia, Sweden
Opening hours: Friday-Saturday 12.00 -13.00 and also openend Thursday evening 16.30-18.00.

-SEE ALSO Terms of use for this web site: information  lower left on main page and sale conditions.

Regarding provenances of artwork for sale by Gallery JT Ltd
The limited company Gallery JT Ltd is based on an art collection that consists of many names of prominent artist in the world and also paintings signed with names correlated to some of the most prominent Swedish artist in modern times. The art collection has been created in over 20 years of collecting and investing in fine art.
Gallery JT Ltd also sell some of the displayed paintings on commission.
All pieces of art are thoroughly investigated by Gallery JT Ltd and is presented with the most important information about the artist in relation to the painting that is being sold. In some cases pieces of art history is mentioned related to the artist to give a a more comprehensive view.
Text information from Gallery JT Ltd shall not be interpreted as scientific.
Please read sale conditions and other informational texts under information to the lower left.
Gallery JT Ltds art collection consists of for instance original pieces of art with names from the group of painters in Sweden that is called ABC painters which is a well known minted phrase that means: A= ANDERS ZORN, B = Bruno Liljefors, C= Carl Larsson.
They became famous in an exhibition they all participated in that took place in Stockholm, Sweden in 1916 in the fine art gallery with the name Liljevalchs.
All of these three painters are today the most renowned artists from Sweden and they are represented in the National gallery of art and in many other museums and fine art galleries. 
Of the world leading artists in Gallery JT Ltds art collection that are under survey the following names are especially interesting: Rembrandt (etching), Joan Miro, Juan Gris, Fernand Leger, Camille Corot, Joseph Mallord William Turner R.A (Water colour.)
Presentations are on their way for all of the artists mentioned above and at this time 2 paintings one signed C.L and one signed Carl Larsson have so far been presented. The other artists will be presented when they have been fully evaluated and described.
Gallery JT Ltd always strive for giving all of the information that we have to prospective buyers.

Note about provenances
It is difficult to get earlier former provenances back in time and that is a reason why it is often difficult to get absolute guarantees. Gallery JT Ltd therefore always endeavour to make a closer examination regarding both technical and all available pertinent relevant information.
If it is mentioned that the piece of art is sold with provenance it always means that the artist himself or closed related to the artist has confirmed the authenticy.
If the piece of art has another type of provenance such information is mentioned.
The meaning of the word provenance is origin or root and can for instance be information about previous owners or information about where previous sales of the piece of art has been taken place. Such information about provenance can often be of interest for eventual bidders or buyers and that is the reason why such information often is given.
A very common type of provenance information is the one given by fine art auctioneers who often give the information that the piece of art has previously been sold at one of their own fine art auctions or by a competitor.
We always give seriously based information about originators to every piece of art work. All the information about the basis of the information provided is always available for every serious bidder or buyer.
Ascribed to means that the piece of art is painted by mentioned originator according to our best judgement but we do not guarantee that this is the case.
No guarantees can be given
Regarding context and truthfulness of text written on works of art Gallery JT Ltd enclose our interpretation but Gallery JT Ltd cannot give any guarantees.
Gallery JT Ltd sell, buy and value Swedish and international fine art in three boutiques: 1. and at Promenaden 29 in Falun, Sweden. 3. Artprice boutiqe see link under catalog information.
Gallery JT Ltd.s in Sweden registered foreign names, so called registered parallel company names translated from Swedish language. Swedish company name is: Gallery JT AB 
Gallery JT Ltd        English name Ltd=limited company
Gallery JT GmbH     Deutsche name Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung,german
Galley JT S.A.R.L.   French name Société à responsibilité limitée
Gallery JT Oy          Finnish name, osakeythtio
Gallery JT SA         Spanish name Sociedad (f) Anónima

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01.* Water colour etching Lennart Sand
02.*24 carat GOLD 70 pieces complete set in original portfolio!Sold
03.*HOGLUND ERIK(Quality glass designer) LAMP! SOLD
04.Bror Albert Valentin Goransson
05.Gunnar Nylund
06.Hans Norsbo. Big watercolour!
07.information about Gallery JT Ltd.
08.Jorn Asger(Ascribed) oil on canvas signed with monogram
09.Lennart Sand SOLD!
10.Loman Anders the older one 1940ths, provenance. Obs big painting
Walter Forslund oil on canvas 17 th century farm!
Walter Forslund oil on canvas 17 th century farm!
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